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Physical Therapy
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  At Zepher Infotech Pvt. Ltd our process are fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA compliant) thereby ensuring that all your data is secure with due regard and respect, as mentioned in the provisions of the act.    
  Zepher Infotech Considers protecting the integrity and privacy of every patient’s health information as a crucial part of its service. Zepher Infotech has strict directives for HIPAA compliance and security that are built into our technology. HIPPA policies are revised from time to time for better scrutiny and privacy maintenance. With every such amendment, changes are made in the processes and the technology so as to make both compliant.    
  Our HIPAA check list    
» Implemented privacy and security policies, and ensures effective company-wide privacy and security awareness
» Continuously monitor privacy and security awareness, education and training program, as well as compliance program
» Our workforce has been trained and educated on corporate policies on privacy and security, and they receive ongoing training throughout the year.
Employees have signed a PHI confidentiality Agreement.
» Access control systems have been established at vital entry and exit points
» Restricted access to Internet, printers, and server rooms. Absence of disk drives on MT machine
» Stringent firewall security
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