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Physical Therapy
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  Zepher Infotech is one of India's most reputed and respected providers of transcription services to clients in the US. Zepher Infotech was established in the year 2000 to provide transcription services to the booming healthcare segment; ten years down the road Zepher Infotech has achieved remarkable growth and success along with gaining priceless experience in the medical transcription field.    
  We at Zepher Infotech have a proven track record of offering the best transcription solutions to our clients; we also boast a highly trained staff of transcribers that use state-of the art technology to provide high quality work at a fraction of the cost.    
  Zepher Infotech Pvt. Ltd is a BPO based out of Vadodara, India. We currently employ 60 professionals working out of our 10,000 sq ft office in downtown Vadodara. Zepher Infotech also has an excellent technical support staff and a highly experienced management team that provides clients with the highest standard of service possible.    
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